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等一下看 等下一起看 学。英,语。到---深。圳。培。尔。国。际。语。言。学。校

wait and see[英][weit ænd si:][美][wet ənd si] 等着看(情况的发展); 拭目以待; 观望; 走着瞧; 易混淆单词:Wait and See 例句: 1. Just you wait and see! 你等着瞧吧! 2. Let's wait and see. I would place my bet on the eas...


just wait and see 等着瞧 双语对照 例句: 1. You just wait and see. 你等着瞧吧. 2. Just wait and see! I'll get back at her! 走着瞧吧,我会找她算账的!

--- go and visit ----come and look ---- read and write ---- listen and write

 劝告的时候用  1.Just wait and see! 等着瞧  2.You just wait and see. 你等着瞧吧!   3.We have better wait and see. 我们最好等着瞧(看看再说)。

We wait and see祈使句 Wait and see. 等着瞧吧。

we will see about that . you give me go and see . wait and see也可以

等等再看吧 and这里表示顺承 不同语境的解释也不同,比如: Just wait and see!等着瞧吧! The only thing you can do is wait and see. 你现在唯一能做的就是等等看(观望一下)了

Let's wait and see. let's 和let us有区别: Let's建议,包含所有人,let us是你让我们(动作不包含你)

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