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wAit AnD sEE議嶄猟頁?

wait and see[哂][weit ænd si:][胆][wet ənd si] 吉彭心秤趨議窟婢; 蔽朕參棋; 鉱李; 恠彭覇; 叟詞汽簡Wait and See 箭鞘: 1. Just you wait and see! 低吉彭覇杏 2. Let's wait and see. I would place my bet on the eas...

吉匯和心 吉和匯軟心 僥。哂囂。欺---侮。框。凍。櫛。忽。縞。囂。冱。僥。丕

wait and see 哂[weit ænd si:] 胆[wet ənd si] 鉱李; 蔽朕參棋; 恠彭覇; 吉彭心秤趨議窟婢; [箭鞘]Well, let's wait and see 椎担斑厘断吉彭心杏。

凪糞利貧嗤議徭失紗貧肇祥挫阻。郡屎厘匆短並紋低紗壓晩猟梧簡朔中阻。 [00:11.27]園辞Aの恷嶮暫 [00:14.56] [00:17.57]だって仝つまずきながら々って鞭伎音頁傍傍祥麻 [00:19.64]笥で冱う殻 Sじゃないはずでしょ椎N議挫鞭 [00:26.09]棋...

憂の安がぼやけて需えない 凛憂咀庁冊遇涙隈心賠 伉の久の 欒屬舛呂△襪裡 伉久議秤偖頁倦贋壓 弊順の畠てを返にしたとしても 軸宴繍弊順畠何媼葎失嗤 それがあなたの侑せなの 斤低遇冱椎頁倦祥頁侑牽 Why 溝鏡な腎を需貧げるの WHY 剿...

梧爆兆:Wait And See 梧返:Holy Ghost! 廨辞:Wait And See Brandon Heath --- Wait And See I was born in Tennessee late July humidity doctors said I was lucky to be alive I¨ve Been troubled since the day that I got here troubled to ...

Let's wait and see. let's 才let us嗤曝艶 Let's秀咏淫根侭嗤繁let us頁低斑厘断╋恬音淫根低


^吉彭覇 ̄宸頁哂囂笥囂~械喘議~

 醗御議扮昨喘  1.Just wait and see! 吉彭覇  2.You just wait and see. 低吉彭覇杏!   3.We have better wait and see. 厘断恷挫吉彭覇(心心壅傍)。

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