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wAit AnD sEE議嶄猟頁?

wait and see[哂][weit ænd si:][胆][wet ənd si] 吉彭心秤趨議窟婢; 蔽朕參棋; 鉱李; 恠彭覇; 叟詞汽簡Wait and See 箭鞘: 1. Just you wait and see! 低吉彭覇杏 2. Let's wait and see. I would place my bet on the eas...

吉吉壅心杏 and宸戦燕幣乏覚 音揖囂廠議盾瞥匆音揖曳泌 Just wait and seeゝ盤吐動稗 The only thing you can do is wait and see. 低嶬變匯嬬恂議祥頁吉吉心┨柩匯和阻

wait and see 哂[weit ænd si:] 胆[wet ənd si] 鉱李; 蔽朕參棋; 恠彭覇; 吉彭心秤趨議窟婢; [箭鞘]Well, let's wait and see 椎担斑厘断吉彭心杏。

梧爆兆:Wait And See 梧返:Holy Ghost! 廨辞:Wait And See Brandon Heath --- Wait And See I was born in Tennessee late July humidity doctors said I was lucky to be alive I¨ve Been troubled since the day that I got here troubled to ...

--- go and visit ----come and look ---- read and write ---- listen and write

音嬬匯古遇胎功象万断侭恂議撹蛍栖協壓音揖議扮蓑嶄哘寡喘音揖議侘塀徽嗤匯訳辛參鳩協緩扮wait and see 喇噐頁喘旺双銭簡and 銭俊議侭參駅倬侘塀猴。

Let's wait and see. let's 才let us嗤曝艶 Let's秀咏淫根侭嗤繁let us頁低斑厘断╋恬音淫根低

With or without you U2 With or Without You 低飛軸飛宣 U2赤錦 See the stone set in your eyes 心需低椎絶飛甥蜂議凛舞 See the thorn twist ...

だって仝つまずきながら々って 笥(くち)で冱(い)う殻(ほど) S(らく)じゃないはずでしょ 棋(ま)ってもう富(すこ)し蛍(わ)かってくれたらきっと もっといい嚏(あめ)が週(ふ)るから 覆返(かって)そう柵(よ)ばれちゃって 扮?(ときどき)溝鏡(こどく...

 醗御議扮昨喘  1.Just wait and see! 吉彭覇  2.You just wait and see. 低吉彭覇杏!   3.We have better wait and see. 厘断恷挫吉彭覇(心心壅傍)。

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