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比如说wAit AnD sEE 的意思是等着瞧吧,然后除了这...

--- go and visit ----come and look ---- read and write ---- listen and write

wait and see[英][weit ænd si:][美][wet ənd si] 等着看(情况的发展); 拭目以待; 观望; 走着瞧; 易混淆单词:Wait and See 例句: 1. Just you wait and see! 你等着瞧吧! 2. Let's wait and see. I would place my bet on the eas...

 劝告的时候用  1.Just wait and see! 等着瞧  2.You just wait and see. 你等着瞧吧!   3.We have better wait and see. 我们最好等着瞧(看看再说)。

wait and see满意请采纳

let's wait and see 让我们拭目以待! 等着瞧

you just wait and see 你就等着瞧吧 双语对照 例句: 1. You just wait and see. 你等着瞧吧.

You can wait and see,I'll surely be back. Wait and see,I'll surely be back.

let me see. 10.Hesitating 表达犹豫 Let's see (now).(现在)让我想想。 Let me see [think]. 让我想想。 Let me think for a minute. 让我...

第一.我觉得最主要一点是敢于开口说英语,不要怕犯错误。人人都会犯错,这是在所难免的,只要敢说,就一定能学好。 第二.熟记常用语,确保准确无误。把...

Sitting Down Here (Original Version) - Lene Marlin I'm sitting down here But hey you can't see me Your words cut rather deeply They're just some other lies I'm hiding from a distance I've got to pay the price Defending all ag...

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